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Looking to add new life to your components?

We got you covered! we can use your old trusty components and create a full custom Scarab frameset that will give you an amazing riding experience. Sign up to receive more info!

Why Custom

When designing our bikes, we always talk about Telepathic handling. It means that you are handling your bike in such a perfect harmony that it feels like you are directing your bike with your mind (thoughts), rather than with body actions.

 << Ohh, all this year’s riding, and you haven’t thought about that?>> That’s fine! Handling is so unique and specific to every rider, that most people don’t even think about it. But we are here to enhance your riding experience by helping you find the sweet-spot of how you like your bike to handle and deliver that. t remember something: the action we do most while riding a bike is not pedaling, it is handling (controlling) our bikes!

Every single bike is engineered using bike specific design tools that enable us to optimize your dream bike from different perspectives: handling, aesthetics, component compatibility and specific uses.*We take extreme care into every design phase, but we know that this process can be overwhelming, so we reserve the rightto say “no” to a design solicitude or change that we don’t find right or safe for your use. We wont let you go wrong here

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