It is no coincidence that escarabajos are who they are… they are just born in Colombia and that is more than enough. That’s why we build our bikes here, where all the magic happens.



We know the feeling. We know the challenge it means to wake up before dawn, regardless of how sore you feel after yesterday’s ride, in spite of the weather, while everyone’s asleep, to go and confront that colosal road.

A road with a life of itself, decided to defeat you. We know the urge you feel to go and climb that mountain. That mountain that seems unbeatable, the one that everybody says it’s just impossible. No matter what they say, it is not impossible for you. Eventually you will conquer it. Perhaps not today or tomorrow, but you will prevail. You know it. The road will end up at your feet and nobody will have a clue. Because you don’t cycle to brag or bluff. You have nothing to prove anything to anybody but yourself. It’s a race against your own fears.

We know it. It’s in our DNA, because that mountain is our playground.

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 Colombia has some of the most challenging riding conditions you could face. From the highest climb in the world, unpredictable rains, endless unpaved roads connecting remote villages, abandoned roads, to narrow and twisting roads. That’s why we have designed a bike capable of handling this harsh conditions. And if it can face Colombia, it can face anything. Take a look at our model lineup!

Photo: February 4, 2018. Colombian national championship race.

Photo: February 4, 2018. Colombian national championship race.


Top sportsmen that rose using their bicycles as a tool for work, evolving to be the best climbers in the cycling world. Feeling at home in the European Alps as they did in the Colombian Andes. Pushed by their dreams, supported by the cheers of over 40 million countrymen and getting their needed energy from a couple of bars of bocadillos de guayaba’s (guava paste) in their back pocket.

Our heritage is that of relentless cyclists that are never stopped by the limitations and will always give it all for this sport.


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