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Born in the Andes, Scarab crafts custom bicycles with a Colombian soul to match. The in-house paintwork tells a story that reaches back decades to the origins of the mighty Escarabajos. But don’t be mistaken, for beauty is not the only attribute that sets a Scarab apart. Each frameset is meticulously crafted to measure, using the highest-grade steels available in the market. This ensures that Scarab bikes are not only the most capable for navigating our challenging country, but also ones that will enhance your cycling experience.



SCARAB Cycles’ custom paint process draws inspiration from Colombia’s rich culture and landscapes. Choose from a wide variety of customizable paint schemes and colors that reflect the beauty of Colombia. Our in-house team hand-paints each design, ensuring your bicycle becomes a unique, personalized masterpiece that captures the essence of this diverse and captivating country. Explore More


When riding in the Andes silently, these colorful dots start to show up, pedal stroke by pedal stroke.  Colombia, we refer to these houses as Casas Campesinas. «Campesina» is our homage to the fantastic people that live in these beautiful homes.

This special edition paint scheme was inspired by a solo eye-opening bikepacking trip in Colombia. One to get rekindled with cartography and cycling through a challenging gravel route, tests of self-reliance, an experience of aloneness, on a new route

Chocó, an immense sea of vegetation, fauna and flora. When we look at the landscape from afar, we see an exuberant green patch, however, if we stop, if we contemplate, we find a quantity of life, of colors, of animals, of life…


Originally conceived as a political endeavor to unite and educate a nation, it heralded the emergence of indomitable Colombian climbers conquering unpaved roads. These riders were nick-named Escarabajo, the climbing beetles!

Dreaming of new journeys, one can spend endless hours pored over a map studying the elevations, the ridges and waterways figuring out a route. And don’t forget about the early explorers that set out into the unknown…

Colombians have their own way of living among the challenges that the remoteness of its landscape can bring, by building some of the most charming houses in these remote places. 

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