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Looking to add new life to your components?

We got you covered! we can use your old trusty components and create a full custom Scarab frameset that will give you an amazing riding experience. Sign up to receive more info!


A road carved through the Andes to connect the towns of Mariquita and Manizales , involved a journey to conquer the mountain pass at the Paramo de Letras at 3667 masl. The 81km long road became known around the world for being one of the longest paved climbs. It’s fame among cyclists, Colombian and foreigner, earned it a prominent place in many cycling races including the Vuelta a Colombia. Here kings and queens are made or dethroned.

A tribute to the Colombian tradition of producing some of the best climbers in the world, Scarab’s lightest climbing-oriented frame was named: Letras. With a thoughtful combination of Japanese Kaisei tubes on the front triangle and Columbus tubes on the rear triangle, the Letras brings a masterful balance of agile ride quality with confident stiffness. A ride on a Letras will remind you of the exhilaration of conquering the mythical mountain pass.

Frameset with DISC BRAKES FROM USD $ 3,400 / Frameset with RIM BRAKES FROM USD $ 3,100

Letras Frame Specs

Frameset A mix of Italian and Japanese tubes from Columbus and Kaisei, selected for optimum ride quality, stiffness, weight and durability.
Fork Ritchey Road disc WCS for disc version / ENVE 2.0 for Rim brake version
Tires 32mm for disc models, 26mm for conventional brake (RIM).
Paint Personalized and homemade, based on one of our standardized schemes.
Brakes Available in both rim brake and disc brake options

Why Steel

At Scarab love steel. This material has a long history in bike manufacturing and has been able to evolve into Modern Steel. It provides the perfect balance between ride quality, durability, and reasonable weight. Yes! Some of these are not the usual variables you measure the bike industry with… Ride Quality? You heard right!
Steel provides a unique feeling of the road. It smoothens out the harshness of the surface while transferring power in a unique slingshot-like way.

 The material itself sounds humble, but don’t get us wrong: the steels we use are far from basic.

We use the most advanced steels available for bike manufacturing, allowing us to keep the bike package perfectly balanced. you riding more.

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