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Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa

Speeding through streets like getaway cars, nimbly maneuvering around tight turns, and tackling a sequence of rolling hills. It might sound like the fleeing scene out of a movie or the narrative of a crit race. But perversely, it is neither and both. It is what our Scarab Santa Rosa is made for
The frame’s design and steel construction allows us to meld comfort and speed, because at the end of the day, comfort is fast. Geometry for aggressive riding positions and custom fittings reckoned with, to responsive handling and enough stiffness for explosiveness underfoot…oh what fun it is to ride this two-wheeled sleigh!
While climbing big mountains is highly revered in the grand races, it requires finding a rhythm. Riding in rolling hills might bring some of the hardest days on a bike. Nestled in the Colombian highlands, Santa Rosa de Osos, is a unique riding playground within the Central Cordillera in Antioquia. The endless succession of rolling hills above 2500m that inspired the name of our bike, invites to charge up each hill with brute force one after the other.
But don’t underestimate the repechos, they can crush you. They say success in cycling isn’t just about how strong you are, but also about how wisely you use your strength. Be on the hills, the local criterium or your favorite group ride, go about wisely on a Scarab Santa Rosa.
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