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Do you love the Chiva theme? If you buy a Scarab with a Chiva paint job we will give you a matching Silva frame pump for free.

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A Chiva inspired by Delft pottery

A Chiva inspired by Delft pottery

The Delft Chiva, a one-of-a-kind gravel bike, masterfully crafted and hand-painted to blend Dutch heritage with exuberant Colombian culture.


Descripción de la imagen

Every Chiva tells its own story, and the Chivas produced at Scarab Cycles are no different thanks to the artistry of Fernando, a third-generation Chiva painter. Fernando’s meticulous technique, passed down through generations, involves detailed pencil markings, pinstriping, and brush strokes. Unfinished frames leave Scarab, arrive at Fernando’s home and they are transformed into a one-of-kind Chiva, full of personality and intricate details.


Enve Grodeo Scarab Chiva

The Delft Chiva belongs to Ard, founder of Kogel Bearings. Ard’s design vision was inspired by his Dutch roots and the exuberant culture of his adopted home, Colombia. This bike features the iconic painting style of a Colombian Chiva but uses the distinctive blue and white colors reminiscent of ceramic tiles from the Royal Delft factory, creating a beautiful fusion of cultures.


Enve Grodeo Scarab Chiva

What is a Chiva?

In Colombia, a Chiva is a bus, perse, originally used to connect remote communities. It can serve as a passenger bus, cargo transporter, even a party bus. Every inch of a Chiva is a testament to the rich culture and artistry of Colombia. Chivas, are HEAVILY decorated by hand with no body panel left untouched by the brush. There is no white space, and it is all by hand. The art is specific to the story and life of the owner and the artist’s interpretation. Colorful, long defined lines, are contrasted with more saturated and finer detail arabesques. A Chiva – be it a bus or a bicycle – is a rolling canvas, utilitarian connector for communities, and a dance floor, All at the same time. Could it be more Colombian?


Enve Grodeo Scarab Chiva

About the Paramo Integrated Gravel Racer The Delft Chiva is built as a pure gravel racer. Constructed from Columbus Spirit and Life tubing, it offers exceptional power transfer, comfort, and durability. As with every Scarab, the geometry is tailored to Ard’s specifications, ensuring a perfect fit. The bike features a seamless ENVE bar/stem combo, ENVE's Powershift Ready 3.4 SES wheels, a Classified Powershift system, and a SRAM XPLR drivetrain. By utilizing the Powershift system, this bike has the beauty and efficiency of a 1x system with all of the functionality of a 2x.

Upgrades include a Kogel Kolossos Cage, oversized pulley wheels, and a ceramic bottom bracket. Ideal for conquering Colombia’s steep dirtroads.

Enve Grodeo Scarab Chiva

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