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Our love to explore inspired a one-of-a-kind biking trip to the Chocoan ecosystem, a truly magical land in which mountains, jungles, rivers, and oceans assemble, creating an unequal burst of life and making it one of the planet’s wildest and most unique places

Its climate is one of the rainiest in the world, registering around 13,000 mm of rain per year at its wettest point and providing.

The ideal environment for more than 9000 species of vascular plants, 200 mammals, 600 birds, 100 reptiles, and 120 amphibians, 25% of which only flourish there.

After the adventurous ride, we were breathless and speechless

Consequently, our Jungla special edition bicycle was born as a humble homage to the Chocoan ecosystem and its fantastic biodiversity, which, unfortunately, is highly fragile due to clandestine timber activities. So we are here to inspire the adventurous while bringing environmental consciousness. Each Jungla-themed SCARAB is custom-built and handpainted by our young and talented team in El Retiro, Colombia, in the same Andean mountains that gave birth to the well-known "Escarabajos," where we got our name.

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