Going Between the forests and below the snow line of the Andes, lies the ecosystem that, contradictorily, is both delicate yet resilient. Adverse conditions force quick adaption of all life forms. It’s the natural limit to life. This is where we found inspiration for our versatile gravel bike, the one that will take you beyond the limits of the tarmac: the Scarab Paramo.

A closer look reveals yet another limit. Above 4500m, a narrow zone that appears to be bare ground just below the rare tropical glaciers. Even more extreme conditions challenge plant and human life: lowest air temperatures, thin air, little rain, soils low on water and nutrient content, the highest solar radiation and overnight freezing temperatures. However, tiny scattered plants subsist here. For humans, it’s hard to get to and live in the superpáramo. But settling for the known limits isn’t what has got us to humanity today. The spirit of adventure prevails.

Go farther. Go higher. Go longer. Carry more. Be self-sufficient. Just as life’s limits are pushed n the superpáramo, adventure cyclists will always look to push beyond into the unknown. Being no stranger to adventure, Scarab takes inspiration from the Andes to bring the most capable adventure gravel bike.

Building on the versatility of the Páramo, the Páramo Ultra boasts a longer wheelbase, adjustable dropouts, bigger tire clearance of up to 700×58 or 650×66 and a geometry that brings higher comfort on long distance treks or that impossible adventure route. Carry all the essentials with more options for fork, rack and fender mounts.

The Paramo Ultra was designed with a thoughtful blend of Columbus and Reynolds round tubing for optimal performance without forgoing the aesthetics. An Enve Adventure fork and adjustable dropouts allow for handling adaptation based on tire and wheel choice. The ultimate adventure bike, designed for comfort on long-haul rides. We know that adversity surrounds the paramo, so why go there? Because it’s beautiful and challenging. Those mind blowing adventure rides will become special moments to capture. Tackle whatever adventure brings with the new Scarab Páramo Ultra.



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