What is the most visible thing of a custom Scarab? Paint. Not any any paint: your paint. We work with Colombia’s leading paint company to distill a select color palette. Not everyone is an artist, so we make it easy for you by providing four pre-designed paint schemes that you can choose from and customize to your preferences. Our professional design team works with you to pick a color combination, one that speaks to you, inspires you and delivers inimitable glee every time you gaze at it.

How your bike will look. For some, this can be most intimidating step of the whole process, so we make it easy. It all starts with a conversation. We want to know you, get inspired by you and reflect that on the final product.

We want to know it all! We will ask you a lot of questions. Do you have a pretty good idea of your color palette? No clue? Our design team will get to the bottom of the matter. Once the Paint design is chosen, the countdown towards New Bike Day starts!


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