Bicycles and the spirit of using them to traverse the Colombian Andes has become a piece of the Colombian people. Initially a mode of transportation born out of necessity, it soon evolved into exuberant competition. Bicycles were a contagion that swept through communities, eventually giving birth to the Vuelta Colombia. Originally conceived as a political endeavor to unite and educate a nation, it heralded the emergence of indomitable Colombian climbers conquering unpaved roads. These riders were nick-named Escarabajo, the climbing beetles!

Escarabajos went on to infiltrate the Hors Catégorie of the European professional peloton and their legacy continues to seep deep into the everyday fabric of Colombian life – Sunday bike paths, getaways with friends, the daily commute to work or school. To celebrate the milestone of our young brand turning five years old, we at SCARAB decided to create a new paint scheme and offer a limited few for those who want to bear the Escarabajo. 

We wanted a bike with a strong personality and a big story to tell, but also a bike that demanded to be used. The component selection has been meticulously curated as this bike had to be a collectors piece, yet ready to explore. We are true believers that bikes are meant to be used.

We want everyone to feel like an Escarabajo, bearing Colombia’s story around the world, spreading the love for cycling, the bicycles of Colombia, and the landscapes they represent. Therefore, if riders are unable to capture one of these special Scarabs, the paint scheme will be an option, for a short while, maybe for your next dream bike.


Very Limited Run: As a celebration of our 5th anniversary, the Scarab Paramo will be offered as a limited run of five numbered bicycles.

Unique components: The commemorative edition, comes with a very exquisite build kit that is all but off the shelf:

Drivetrain: Silver Shimano GRX 810, 2×11, Ltd. Edition 

Wheelset: Astral Cycling Polished Silver Outback Adventure, White Industries silver polished CLD hubs

Cokpit: Shimano / Pro Discover contact points for maximum comfort

Headset and accessories: Wolftooth Components Olive resembling the colors of an Escarabajo

Frame Specs: SCARAB Paramo gravel frameset handmade with Columbus Steel. 700Cx45 tire clearance. The frame uses a BSA bottom bracket and a standard 27.2mm diameter seatpost 

Paint: Hand painted with the Escarabajo paint scheme edition. Each of these framesets will be numbered from 1-5. Once this limited edition sells out, the Standard cost for this paint scheme will be $1000 USD.

Geometry: The SCARAB Will be offered in 5 pre-established sizes, see chart. If a custom geometry is desired, we can always do that! Please add $200 USD for custom geo

Availability and pricing: Bikes based on standard geo’s will be delivered over the next 4 weeks. Pricing is $6500 + Shipping with a painted to match Silca Pump.


This special edition package will be offered as a limited Run of only 5 bicycles. For stock geometries, delivery process is 4 weeks. For custom geo please add two weeks.

Payment: a 50% deposit is required to confirm the order. Once the finalized product is ready to ship, we will be requesting the remaining 50% plus any shipping calculated fees.

-To confirm your order, please sign up in the following form

-You will be contacted in the order that you sign up. once you are contacted you will have 48 hours to confirm the order with the initial deposit.

-Once the 5 numbered bikes are gone, the paint scheme will be offered In our lineup with an upcharge of $1000 for the paint finish. 

If you have any questions, we are happy to help at or simply fill in the form and include your question or comment at the end. 


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