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Sergio's Dream Bike: A Custom-Made Scarab

At Scarab, we're passionate about creating bicycles that are as unique as the riders who own them. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Sergio from Cycology to build his dream bike. In this interview, Sergio shares his inspiration for a custom build, his decision to choose Scarab, and the exciting journey of designing his perfect ride. We dive deep into his thought process for component selection, performance goals, and the story behind his personalized paint scheme.


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Scarab Cycles: A Custom-Made Bike That Reflects Your Style

What motivated you to create a Scarab Bike, and why did you choose steel, a custom build, and Colombia?

A: For a long time, I had been seeing bikes on the internet that looked different from all the conventional market bikes, from the brands we see in the World Tour. They were timeless bikes, out of fashion, with beautiful designs and paintings, and unique geometries. Reading a bit, I found that they were brands that tailor made bikes. And when I met Scarab in Colombia, it was the way to materialize that idea and understand what those bikes were, to get to know them better. And I said: I want one for me.

I also wanted a bike that will last for a lifetime. I can change the components, but the frame, if much, I change the design (paint). I don't need anything else in the future, I'm not going to be looking for another bike if this one is made specifically for me, with my ideas and my taste. 

Why steel?

A: Because talking to Scarab I understood that steel is a material that adds a great experience to our ride. As with everything in the world of bicycles, we have to sacrifice certain aspects, but steel is the one that balances the most within the price and quality we want.




How would you describe the experience of riding a Scarab Bike?

A: It definitely is a top performing bike, very capable bike, fast and reactive bike, which is more or less what I was looking for without sacrificing, right? So far I haven't missed anything from my old bike, which was a very good bike, from a commercial brand, but I still haven't missed anything.

And in terms of comfort, well, it's made to my measure, it's much more comfortable.

Another thing I would like to say, for example, is that on my previous bike I could never get the setback of the bike that I needed. I mean, the seat post was always two centimeters behind what I needed and that caused me a lot of discomfort in the position of the bike. Obviously with this I no longer have the problem.


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Can you share the story behind the paint choices you made for your Scarab Bike?

A: It was many nights of looking at bikes, the same ones that I had seen years ago, but I didn't understand why they were so personalized. Now I understand that you choose 100% of the bike: the position, the riding characteristics that you want, the position and the color.

So I looked for many bikes that I liked and I was making a selection of colors until I sent the idea to the Scarab designer. He understood what my dream design was and he captured it exactly as I wanted it. I am very satisfied with the color of my bike, as it reflects my essence.

How was the process?

A: I enjoyed the process very much. It is a journey of a few weeks that with small decisions every day creates the bike of my dreams. Choosing the design part, the components part, how I'm going to put it together, how I dream it, what kind of riding qualities you want, acceleration, everything you want you communicate to create that bike that will last a lifetime.


Sergio from Cycology.


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Build Specs:

  • Frameset: Santa Rosa Integrated.
  • Groupset: SRAM RED AXS (NEW)
  • Wheelset: ENVE SES 3.4
  • Cockpit: ENVE integrated Cockpit
  • Tires: IRC
  • Saddle: Reform Saddle
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