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Get a free custom painted Chiva Silca Frame Pump

Do you love the Chiva theme? If you buy a Scarab with a Chiva paint job we will give you a matching Silva frame pump for free.

*offer valid while units last and only for new orders

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As we celebrate our 5th anniversary, we are delighted to introduce a commemorative edition that pays homage to the mystical tradition of Colombian cycling.

This extraordinary creation is the result of a collaboration between Camilo Parra, a talented local artist, and Alejandro Bustamante, Scarab Cycles’ creative director. Using watercolor and ink techniques, Camilo’s exquisite illustrations bring various Escarabajo species to life.

These captivating artworks were meticulously painted onto a pearled white frameset, adorned with topographic curves—a tribute to the mountains that have inspired generations of Colombian lives, and cycling greatness. Within these very peaks, the legendary Colombian cyclists, the Escarabajos, first forged their indomitable path.


Our dedicated team breathed life into each Escarabajo, crafting details so intricate, they seem to come alive as they grace the frame.

Yet, the uniqueness doesn’t end with the paint. The build kit for these Escarabajo edition Paramos is equally exceptional. We’ve secured some of the last remaining units of the GRX 2x Limited edition drivetrain. Our friends at Astral have provided stunning hand-polished silver wheels, complemented by White Industries silver hubs. Even the Silca Frame pump has been painted to match, further extending the uniqueness of this canvas.




Each of these five bikes will bear a numbered insignia, rendering them true collector’s pieces. Act fast!



Join us in commemorating this extraordinary milestone and become a part of the enduring Escarabajo legacy.

Un Saludo,

 Equipo de Scarab Cycles,

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