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Do you love the Chiva theme? If you buy a Scarab with a Chiva paint job we will give you a matching Silva frame pump for free.

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El Retiro, Colombia.

The roughness of the ever-changing Andes Mountains and tropical conditions shape Colombia and its people. Colombians have their own way of living among the challenges that the remoteness of its landscape can bring, by building some of the most charming houses in these remote places. This is a statement of the willingness to pursue living among nature, and its ever-changing conditions, in a beautiful manner.


These homes are a true reflection of the people that inhabit them, with facades that tell stories all their own, and that’s what Scarab Cycles’ bikes have always done with their rider. Scarab’s new Campesina paint option builds on Scarab’s iconic paint designs and incorporates another aspect of who Colombians are.



The colors of Campesina homes connect inhabitants – and now Scarab’s riders around the world – to the earth, as well as the homes’ humanity with colors and vividness, made of trodden earth, wood, baked clay, and stones. Those Houses can fall and leave no trace. They are like humble, warm, docile giants. 

They go with the rain, the silence, and the wind; they return to the earth, their service concludes, and they humbly disappear.  Generations of Colombian «Campesinos» (people from the countryside) knew how to live without leaving permanent scars on the land centuries before the word “ sustainable” was first spoke.



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