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Get a free custom painted Chiva Silca Frame Pump

Do you love the Chiva theme? If you buy a Scarab with a Chiva paint job we will give you a matching Silva frame pump for free.

*offer valid while units last and only for new orders

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The SCARAB Magdalena paintscheme draws inspiration from a solo bikepacking trip through Colombia, capturing the essence of the Andes and the Magdalena River. This special edition design reflects the rugged beauty and challenges of the Colombian landscape. Intricate lines and patterns symbolize the network of dirt tracks and colonial paths, representing a journey from mountains to valleys.

The paintscheme celebrates the spirit of exploration, resilience, and the rich natural heritage of Colombia. The SCARAB Paramo Ultra, with its off-road capabilities, is the perfect canvas for this design, encouraging riders to embark on their own adventures. This paintscheme not only commemorates past travels but also inspires new journeys, reminding us of the endless possibilities for exploration and discovery.

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