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Get a free custom painted Chiva Silca Frame Pump

Do you love the Chiva theme? If you buy a Scarab with a Chiva paint job we will give you a matching Silva frame pump for free.

*offer valid while units last and only for new orders

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Bicycles and the spirit of using them to traverse the Colombian Andes has become a piece of the Colombian people. Initially a mode of transportation born out of necessity, it soon evolved into exuberant competition. Bicycles were a contagion that swept through communities, eventually giving birth to the Vuelta Colombia. Originally conceived as a political endeavor to unite and educate a nation, it heralded the emergence of indomitable Colombian climbers conquering unpaved roads. These riders were nick-named Escarabajo, the climbing beetles!

Escarabajos went on to infiltrate the Hors Catégorie of the European professional peloton and their legacy continues to seep deep into the everyday fabric of Colombian life – Sunday bike paths, getaways with friends, the daily commute to work or school. To celebrate the milestone of our young brand turning five years old, we at SCARAB decided to create a new paint scheme and offer a limited few for those who want to bear the Escarabajo. 

We wanted a bike with a strong personality and a big story to tell, but also a bike that demanded to be used. The component selection has been meticulously curated as this bike had to be a collectors piece, yet ready to explore. We are true believers that bikes are meant to be used.

We want everyone to feel like an Escarabajo, bearing Colombia’s story around the world, spreading the love for cycling, the bicycles of Colombia, and the landscapes they represent. Therefore, if riders are unable to capture one of these special Scarabs, the paint scheme will be an option, for a short while, maybe for your next dream bike.

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