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Linea - Classic Bike Racing. Mauricio

Linea - Classic Bike Racing. Mauricio's Dream

We don’t get to build a lot of Lineas, so whenever we get the chance to work on one, we get extremely excited about it. Why? Usually, the rider who works on a project like this has a big story, big motivation, or some specific reason that has driven the interest towards this specific frameset.

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All our lineup tells a big story; every model has a meaning, not only from a technical perspective (a reason for being) but also from the inspiration. The Paramo is the inspiration for our gravel bike, as it is the place where we love riding gravel. The Apuna is named after the fast open roads in La Guajira. The word Apuna means "path" in Wayuu.

But the Linea… This one tells the story of why we are here. Why Scarab manufactures by hand every bike in Colombia. It is a story of homage to the mighty Escarabajos that have not only inspired generations but also represent the culture of Colombia.


The name of the Linea comes from the mythical and infamous Alto de La Linea. A climb that, although not Colombia’s longest, makes its way into every conversation of the toughest. The more than 16-mile monster has stretches that exceed a 13% gradient and overall averages more than a 7% incline. The summit is above 3,200m (10,500 ft) above sea level.

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Now let’s talk about this Linea.

The bike is the dream of Mauricio, a seasoned rider based in Medellin. Mauricio has followed pro cycling for a long time and has amazing anecdotes of different editions of the Vuelta a Colombia and more pro racing.

When Mauricio approached us, he had something in mind. He wanted a bike that evoked classic bike racing. And he was very emphatic about the words “Classic” and “Racing.” He knew what they meant in our lineup: lugs and great performance. Say no more… that is the Linea. Built with a modern blend of steel and lugs, paired with a carbon fork and created with modern standards, the Linea is the perfect bike for those that want to evoke classic bike racing without sacrificing the ride.


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Mauricio had a bike he was not happy with, built with very good quality components. Dura-Ace and Mavic Ksyrium wheels. They were all used during the development process of his bike.

Design philosophy. He wanted something timeless, race-inspired, that highlighted the lugs, and that had impact. The light grey in matte finish with “race panel” style logos was the way to go!


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The result. This stunning Linea has been ridden hard lately around Medellín. It takes an almost daily climb to Las Palmas (one of Medellín’s famous climbs) and gives a bit of hell to fellow riders during weekend rides. But more important, Mauricio had never felt so good on a bike; he had never taken a descent with so much confidence, felt so good while pushing hard. Is this magic? Not sure… It is simply the bike of Mauricio’s dreams.


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