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Explore our surroundings: Best Bike Rides in Antioquia for Semana Santa

Explore our surroundings: Best Bike Rides in Antioquia for Semana Santa

If you’re considering a visit to Colombia, Semana Santa – Spanish for “Holy Week”, presents an ideal opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of Antioquia on two wheels. For those seeking adventure while surrounded by breathtaking scenery, Semana Santa in Antioquia is undoubtedly one of the best times to visit. As Colombians take time off work and schools close for the week, the region becomes immersed in a festive atmosphere, making it the perfect time for outdoor activities such as cycling. 


So if you want to experience something unique while in Colombia, Semana Santa is the best week for doing that. Antioquia boasts some of Colombia’s most stunning landscapes, offering diverse routes for gravel, road, and mountain biking enthusiasts. Here are some good rides to add to your itinerary. All of the routes start and finish from SCARAB. This makes them a perfect place to have a quick breakfast at the bakery next door and enjoy a beer and pizza after the ride at Torrealta. 




Gravel Adventures:

  • Scarab’s Gravel Test Track

If you want to put your new gravel bike day to the test, it will most likely happen on this exact loop. Paved sections quickly become backroads which then become unpaved. The scenery is unbeatable, gradients are not brutal, Although the last unpaved climb before descending to El Retiro, is challenging. In general, gravel is not that rough (except for the last downhill to el retiro- expect around 3km’s that are shaky).

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  • Scarab, Abejorral, Mesopotamia, La Unión, Scarab (Hard)

El “Chicharron” which in slang translates as something hard. We named this ride  because this is usually the first proper bike ride of the year for the SCARAB team. We love/hate doing it. Love it because it is simply beautiful, quiet and remote! We hate it… well, this is not the ride you usually want to start the year with. BEWARE… this could be the hardest ride you do over the next 12 months…

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Road Cycling Escapades:

  • Torrealta’s Loop (Moderate):

Either lunchtime, or after work you will see staff from either SCARAB or Torrealta doing this very same loop. We love it, it is quick, beautiful, and challenging. you get to see a bit of the amazing mountains that surround us. The loop is great on any direction, but our favorite one is doing it on the suggested direction of the link (Scarab-La Ceja-Pantanillo-El Retiro-Scarab) . This way, you get a bit  of a spice! The climb right after you leave La Ceja, heading over to El Retiro (via Pantanillo) is short but steep!

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  • A Ride Back in Time / Concepción, Antioquia (Hard):

Concepción is a beautiful town that is amazingly well conserved, as a paved road was only built a couple of years ago. The previous unpaved road was rough and long, making it a destination for very few. Today, Concepción still keeps the essence of how a small Colombian Town used to be centuries ago. But the town is not the only beautiful thing to see… The route is absolutely stunning: The views, the “casas campesinas” along the way and  little restaurants along the way to stop for breakfast; make this route one of  the most iconic around Antioquia. Just keep in mind: All this greatness, comes at a price: It is a challenging Ride!

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Mountain Bike rides: 

  • Scarab, San José, Montebello, Cruce de Versalles, El Retiro, Scarab (Hard)

This is gravel. It mixes literally everything you will encounter on a gravel bike. From Single track to paved roads, this ride has it all. The Climb to Montebello is just pleasant and once you conquer it, all you think is how joyful the downhill will be. Well… the ride has just started. Steep climbs, single-tracks, river crossing and technical descents, you name it! It is tough! but the truth is there isn’t a single minute this ride is not amazing. You will be riding on private roads that owners have agreed to let cyclists in, make sure you don’t leave any garbage behind.

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We have some good news for you!

At Scarab, we aim to immerse you in all the excitement and adventure. That’s why we’re excited to share that we offer a diverse rental bike fleet,road bikes and gravel bikes in various sizes and specifications. With our rental bikes, you can experience the magic of riding our custom-built bikes while exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Antioquia on a bike. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping trails or scenic road journeys, our rental fleet ensures you have the perfect ride to make the most of your Colombian adventure.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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