Colombia thrives with impressive and colorful landscapes and towns, flavorful tropical fruits and joyful rhythms of music. Its people are faithful to traditions, memories of childhood and a spirit of perseverance, entrepreneurship and liveliness. All these are evident in the cycling culture that shines all over the country. Born in the Andes, Scarab builds custom bikes with a Colombian soul to match, as if it were an extension, to the cyclist that will own it.

We continue the tradition of building bikes by hand, while incorporating newer technologies. Instead of revolving around a single master of the trade, Scarab has invested in training new young talent to keep the art of custom bike building alive. With the different models of Scarab, a bicycle can get its own spirit: adventure, competitiveness, a climber or artistic quality of a hand-painted piece.

We can’t tell you just one reason why you should choose a bike from Scarab, because there are many. From the technical aspects of a built-to-measure bike, the personalized piece of your art, a piece that will carry the essence of Colombian culture, the human connection to like-minded individuals and finding pleasure in knowing that one-size does not fit all. Colombians, and us at Scarab, don’t obsess with cycling, we live it with passion. We are sure that a Scarab will bring you joy and excitement each time you ride it. But don’t just take our word, we rather invite you to try one of our bikes and become part of our family.


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