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Thinking about an immersion in Colombian cycling culture? Colombia Cycling has you covered, they are the best of the best. Their rides and logistics and base accommodations are top of the line. They perfectly blend riding, culture, and fun activities, which makes them on your best choice when planning your trip to Colombia. By the way! we have developed a Scarab-Pick up Tour with them! email us for more info!

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Hifi Wheels

Incredibly reliable, fast and SEXY! this wheels use proprietary designs of hubs and rims that take your riding to the next level. But it doesn’t stop there, they can be customized to match your Scarab paint scheme selection! contact us for more details!


Casa du velo

How a cycling hotel should look like! this incredible hotel is located in the heart of the Colombian coffee region, more precisely in Filandia, Quindio. The place is run by a family of cyclists and they will definitely make you feel at home. If your are around the coffee region, this place is worth a night!


Let us know what your like and we will guide you in the right direction!