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Our Team

We have developed a process that ensures a top performing product that is enhanced by the finishing details. We build frames because we have total control on our process, because we are able to dedicate the time and attention that every step requires.

We endeavor to make every bike we build able to withstand harsh conditions, like the ones our team (including some former professional cyclists) puts them through. From a handpicked tube set to intense attention to detail through the build process, we’re always inspecting and checking our frames to ensure total satisfaction of the rider. Beyond that, we like to think that everything that comes out of our workshop has a bit of who we are and what we believe ingrained into the finished product. Every day we push our limits, trying new methods, techniques, and processes, which in turn leads to us developing new products.

Paint Process

Colombia is a colorful country and we’re passionate about the colors we see everywhere. From Filandia’s famous colored doors, to the dizzying array of fruit around us, to the deep, organic hues of the páramo, we’ve worked to incorporate it into our paint process as much as it is part of our lives.

A frame is not completed until it’s painted in one of our liveries, and our paint process has been developed to withstand the harsh conditions we put our own bikes through - while still retaining perfect paintwork. We offer a number of standard designs that can be customized with colors of your choosing. Our design team’s wealth of experience ensures you’re in knowledgeable company while we guide you through our process.

Scarab Assembly

The Devil is in the Details

After final finishing, our frames are completed with a matching headset, adjuster screws, seat post fixing bolt and all necessary hardware.

Our handpicked build kits are designed to optimize performance and value, and we deliver complete bikes that are nearly ready-to-ride almost anywhere in the world. Every full build is assembled in-house by our expert team with parts sized for your fit, and we do have the latitude for build customization at an additional cost.

How to own a Scarab.

Initial Deposit

The first step of the process is to make a  $500 USD non-refundable deposit. With this deposit you will secure your place in our building queue. This payment can be made vía PayPal, or we can arrange a credit card payment link. 


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Geometry and Build Details

Love the fit of your current bike? Great! We’re happy to transfer your fit measurements to our geometry with a few basic measurements you can take in the comfort of your own home.

Aren’t sure on your fit? We can help there, too. If you’re local to the US Bay Area, we can arrange a fitting at our international office in San Francisco, or if you happen to be near Medellín, Colombia, you can stop by our workshop for a fit consultation. Barring that, we have a select network of trusted fitters in various metropolitan cities that we work with to ensure we build a bike that fits you to a T.

After dialing in your fit, we’ll schedule a call (or send an email) to discuss your riding style, your background in the sport (if any), and what you’d like to accomplish with your new bike. Why? Because beyond fit, we want to build a bike that rides and handles the way you like to ride. The way that’s most fun for you. That’s the point, right? Many modern stock bicycles have racing-derived geometry that works extremely well when riding in a pack of 200 other riders for 200km at extreme intensity/speed, but that can lead to a bike that isn’t as fun as it could be when riding outside of that setting. We aim to get past racing geometry - and to make geometry fun again.


Simultaneously with geometry, we’ll be starting the paint design process. We will guide you through the customizable paint schemes and details that can be added to your frame. Know exactly what you want? Perfect. Have no idea? We’ve got ways of making you talk, and will always come back to you with a multitude of options before revisions. With a few seeds of inspiration, we can work up more than you think.


Build Packages

We offer our bikes with full builds. Why? Because we want everyone on a Scarab to have the best experience possible, and our bikes are designed to be ridden with the components we’ve built them with.

Build kits coming soon.

Shipping & Delivery

Once deposit is received and geometry/paint is signed off, your bike will be completed within eight weeks. Keep an eye on your email inbox and our Instagram, we’ll be sending over periodic updates! We’ll give you a heads up before your bike ships, with delivery outside of the USA via FedEx, and within the US via UPS Ground. Complete bikes are also available for pickup in Antioquia, Colombia, and San Francisco.

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