Wander dirty. Wander lost.


Hypoxia calling.

Above the tree line and below the snow line of the towering Colombian Andes lies a zone known as the Páramo. It’s a place where nature is evolving at one of its fastest rates on Earth, a place of staggering diversity and stark, barren beauty. Coincidentally, it’s a place where few venture, perhaps because of the lack of oxygen and absence of paved roads. We’ve named our all-road bike after one of our most beloved places in Colombia, where we tread lightly, appreciate greatly, and marvel at what we must fight to preserve.


If You Want to View Paradise, Simply Look Around.

We could tell you about how this bike is all about freedom, exploration, and fun. Which, it is. This is what we built to explore the hidden, high-altitude wonders of the Páramo, but we take it to the tiny coffee pueblas of the Coffee Triangle, accessible only by dirt road.

But, we like to think of it as a bike that’s essentially Colombian, born of necessity instead of fashion, thanks to the advent of disc brakes on drop-bar bikes. It’s in this vein that we allow form to drive the Páramo, with clearance for knobby 47mm x 700c or 2.1” x 650b tires, as well as optional rack and fender mounts. We can build the Páramo to suit the rider’s whims, whether that’s riding from the Tierra del Fuego to Point Barrow, or it’s racing Dirty Kanza, or anywhere in between.

Technical Specs:

  • Custom Geometry & Paint

  • Columbus Spirit tubeset

  • Tapered headtube

  • Columbus Futura fork

  • Chris King headset

  • Disc brakes

  • T47 threaded bottom bracket

  • Optional rack and fender mounts

  • Clearance for 700c x 47mm / 2.1” x 650b tires

  • Internal disc brake routing

  • Internal Di2/EPS routing

  • Carbon ISP upgrade available