Available Paint Schemes

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Our Dawn paint scheme is inspired by the colors of sunrise. The different regions of Colombia show different color gradients and definitely have a different personality. Pick your favorite two colors for the gradient and pick a third for the details! Click to download DAWN paint scheme



When visiting Filandia in the heart of the coffee region, you will be amazed by the colorful doors that every townhouse displays. They are a true representation of our culture, Colorful and Explicit! and a true expression of every family’s tradition! Pick your favorite 5 colors and we will do the magic! The Filandia Paint Scheme will be available for a limited time! Click to download PUERTAS DE FILANDIA paint scheme.



Our flag and national sports team are frequently referred as “TRICOLOR” that’s why we have developed a simple yes stunning paint scheme where you can choose your favorite colors. Click to download TRICOLOR paint scheme.



Simple is never outdated! thats why we also have simple two color paint schemes where you can basically choose two stunning colors and we will do the rest!