This special edition paint scheme was inspired by a solo eye-opening bikepacking trip in Colombia. One to get rekindled with cartography and cycling through a challenging gravel route, tests of self-reliance, an experience of aloneness, on a new route from the mountains to the valley and across the Magdalena river. Scarab wanted to embody the demands of exploration of the landscapes of the Colombian Andes, from the coast by the Caribbean Sea and into the heart of this land through its main waterway, the backbone of the country.

At Scarab we think that bicycles and maps are without a doubt, two of the greatest inventions, and we bring them to life in this design scheme. A feature about Colombia, the determination of its people, the beauty of its natural richness and a voyage of discovery. Scarab couldn’t think of a better place to display it than in a new adventure bike. One that builds on the off-road capabilities of its gravel bike and can take the rider through those challenging places that settlers and adventurers once faced.



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